Wisconsin FMX

WI-FMX has traveled all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Central America, and Europe. The team has only been riding at rodeos for the last 4yrs but have been at some great rodeos….Sidney Iowa, Mosas Lake WA, Omak WA, Clovis CA, Helena MT, Dodge City Kansas, and now HERE at Strawberry Days Rodeo!


  • Takeoff ramp is 8ft tall and 6ft wide
  • Landing ramp is 11ft tall and 16ft wide
  • Ramps are set 70ft apart
  • Riders will fly 30ft above the ground
  • Carpet is for traction in the soft dirt
  • All machines jump the ramp in 2nd gear
wifmx 1


Charles Bush


  • age 24…..Riding for 6yrs…Riding KXF 450(Green Bike)
  • From Milwaukee WI

Joshua Mertens

Quad Rider

  • Aka- Quad Warrior…..Riding for 6yrs….Jumping a Yamaha YFZ 450R….
  • From Neenah WI….in free time he loves hunting and video games
  • If u want to know what its like to jump a quad…..go home and take the fridge out of the kitchen…slap some wheels on it and find a ramp!!

Cody Cavanaugh

President and CEO of WI FMX

  • 34yrs old….have been riding FMX for 12yrs…Jumping a Honda CRF 450R(Red bike)
  • From Neenah WI…GO PACKERS!!
  • One of only a few riders to jump over a bi-plane being flown by stunt pilot Skip Stewart.
  • Also one of a few riders in the world who can do flips on a dirtbike and quad.
  • Like to thank my Mom and Dad, the good Lord for keeping us safe, and the Psycho Sports Cartel family for making my dirtbike look awesome!!

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Its about family, its about fun, its about entertainment, IT’S UTAH